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Our mission is to welcome all people into our community for an improved quality of life, and we do that by providing employment opportunities that fit their skill set, and also by providing development workshops to boost their professional advancement. 


We fulfil our mission to provide our community with opportunities for career development and personal growth alongside an improved quality of life. In order to do that, the Love2Xperience will boost your life with:



Need to develop your personal skills, or to get industry updates from leading experts in the field? Our workshops bring successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and inspirational leaders who will guide you through adjusting your career and self-development goals.

  • You will learn new skills and develop your knowledge in order to have better job opportunities.

  • You will learn from and connect with people in different industries. You'll be able to see what others do and understand the steps for advancing in your career. 

  • Online or in-person workshop opportunities.



You are not alone, and we will walk together all the way. We have developed a strong community that support each other, and have also paired with experient counsellors who will be able to give you additional support when things are not going as expected. We care about our people, and keeping mentally healthy is our priority. 



We love 2 work, but we also love to have fun! That’s why we have partnered with key attractions in Melbourne so that we can add that bit of excitement to your journey without having to invest a lot of money. Also, focusing on improving your quality of life, will put you in the right mindset to achieve your goals. 

I’ve been living in Australia for a couple of years and I can say that Love2Work has definitely changed my life here. One of the company’s most important values is to help the Immigrant Community and I do believe they excel at that. They were crucial in helping me find a place to work that was suitable for my needs and purposes.

Also, Love2Work makes sure that every company they refer employees to share similar values and work ethic which, in my case, leads to fulfilling work experiences. Besides, Love2Work kept being open and supportive even after I had started working for other companies. That made me feel the bond I share with them goes beyond my professional life and the job opportunities they have provided me with. As a Brazilian living in Australia, I feel that I am part of a very welcoming family, one on which I will always be able to rely.

Eduardo T.


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